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F.A.Q: About Us


Q: What dogs are available for adoption? 
A: Click on "Adopt A Dog" tab above on our menu, which will take you to our adoptions page. Scroll down to find the adoptable dogs listed, and click on their photo to apply!

Q: Where are you located? Can I come meet the dog? 
A: We do not have a facility, our dogs are located in foster homes between zanesville and columbus ohio as well as surrounding areas. We must have an approved application on file to schedule a meet and greet if it is required on the dogs application. You can also meet dogs at our events.

Q: How long does it take to process my application? 
You can find more information on the timeline of our adoption process, by clicking here.

Please keep in mind we are a volunteer ran organization, and also have full time jobs. If there is a delay in your application processing please reach out to your references and encourage them to call us back, as this will greatly slow down the application timeline.

Q: Where can I fill out a general application so you can contact me when there's a dog that fits our family?
A: Sorry, no.  While we would love to be able to do that, we get far too many inquiries to be able to track everyone and maintain a database in that way.  We encourage you to keep checking back to see which dogs we have and when they're available. When our dogs have received the needed medical care, spay or neuter, and are ready for a forever home we will begin accepting applications for them at that time.

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Q: Are you a no-kill rescue? 
A: Yes, Pawsitive Hearts is committed to the no-kill model and to saving the lives of the animals that are in its care or are part of the adoption program.  Euthanasia is reserved for those animals or cases that are deemed untreatable or non-rehabitable. Pawsitive Hearts is committed to providing quality medical services and behavior rehabilitation. However, sometimes their health is so declined that quality of life is not there, or in a few incidences, after working with a couple of our trainers and our best seasoned fosters we have to make the hard choice to protect people and end a dogs fear and anxiety and let them go. This is very, very rare

You can read more about our euthanasia policy here

Q: So, where does the money go that PHDR collects receives from adoptions?

A: PHDR is a 100% volunteer run, no kill, and donation based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The adoption fee for your new dog may cover some or all of his expenses during his time with his foster parent, or some of his adoption fee may be used to help a PHDR dog who is currently fighting for their life. The adoption fee may help cover the cost of a dog that was hit by a car and requires surgery. The fee may help a litter of puppies with parvo, or a blind senior requiring dental work. Either way, you can feel good knowing every penny of the adoption fee you pay for your new family member will go to helping another dog get a second chance.

Q: Where do your dogs come from? 
A: Pawsitive Hearts was formed to help reduce the amount of euthanasia in animal shelters. The majority of our dogs come from over-crowded animal shelters. Some shelters are located in Ohio and some from other states as well. We also have gotten dogs from puppy mills, as well as some owner surrenders. Dogs coming from puppy mills and owner surrender frees up room in animal shelters for another dog to take their place, therefore eliminating the possibility of shelters needing to euthanize due to space constraints. We also partner with local Humane officers to assist with hoarding and humane cases. 

Q: I need to surrender my dog, but your rescue is full. Is there anywhere else I can go? 
A: We pulled this list off of another website from one of our partners, this list is different rescues located around the area you may check with as well. Click here for that list 

Q: I need to move and can't find any pet friendly rental properties. Do you know of any? 
A: We have started to keep pet friendly rentals listed here for you! This list is always growing, if you know of any rentals not listed on this page and would like one added please use the contact us tab and let us know.

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