Your donations help dogs in urgent need

Pawsitive Hearts is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. We do not receive any government funding, and are 100% Volunteer based. So many dogs in need of medical care and rehabilitation rely on us be their voice, each and every day. We rely on donations to carry out our mission, will you give today?


We are passionate about rescuing dogs in need


Join Pawsitive Hearts and help us keep dogs from being euthanized, and out of overcrowded shelters. A contribution of just $10 a month can sponsor food for two weeks for one of our rescue dogs.



A donation of $35 sponsors an entire set of vaccines for one of our dogs. Vaccines ensure that our dogs are protected from several highly contagious diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, respiratory infection, and rabies!


A donation of $150 sponsors a spay or neuter surgery for one of our dogs, every single one of our dogs is spayed and neutered prior to adoption to do our part to help reduce over population and stray animals!


We have on average 4-5 dogs going in for surgery and other medical procedures and evaluations every single month. These bills can add up very quickly when our main priorities are the sick, and injured. If you would like to sponsor a specific dog currently in our care, click below!