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Fostering for Pawsitive Hearts

Pawsitive Hearts Dog Rescue was founded in 2019, and since then has given a forever home and new life to many dogs that might otherwise have been euthanized. Pawsitive Hearts is a foster-based program, allowing us to save more lives all over Ohio and surrounding areas. Pawsitive Hearts foster homes provide temporary homes for rescue dogs until a forever home is found. 

Being a foster parent is more than just caring for a homeless dog. You are helping this dog get ready for their forever home. Our dogs often come from difficult situations; they may have been dumped at a shelter, found on the streets, or their human may have passed away. These are stressful circumstances, which may impact their behavior. As foster parents, we are helping these dogs learn how to adjust and this may include providing some training. There is no such thing as a “perfect” dog, so be prepared to put some work into your foster dog. Do not fret! You aren't alone, we have lots of resources available to help you navigate training and tips for fostering! Consider reading either of the following resources if you are on the fence about if fostering is right for you and your family. 



If you are ready to sign up as a foster for Pawsitive Hearts Dog Rescue please fill out our          

or CONTACT US with any additional questions you may have, For more information about the application process for fostering, click the button below!


The Fostering Process

Once we receive your completed fostering application, you will be contacted by your assigned area foster coordinator via email or text message. They will be available to answer any specific questions you have as well as review lots of helpful information for Pawsitive Hearts fosters! Once your home visit is completed, you are invited to attend our fostering orientation and will be added to our group of fosters to begin receiving updates and inquires on dogs coming in. We get lots of different dogs and will make sure we find the right fit for your lifestyle and experience level. Pawsitive Hearts covers all supplies and medical expenses for your foster dog as they are made available to us. We also ask our foster homes to help either bring their fosters to events, or make them available to come to events with other volunteers!  All that you do while the dog is with you is only going to make him/her more marketable AND adoptable!

Fostering rescue dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences! Naturally, we all love dogs so very much - its why we do what we do! So getting attached is part of the process. (I mean, how could you not love them!?) It is important to remember that fostering is a critical part of what we do, and you are helping us save a life!! 

Read below one of our favorite resources on fostering