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Available for Adoption!

Vinnie - **Special Needs** 
Available for adoption!

Vinnie was surrendered to us due to a heart problem. He had a follow up with our cardiologist specialist at Medvet where it was determined he has a grade 5 heart murmur. Sadly, he was not a candidate for surgery as it would not correct the problem with his heart. He will be on heart medication the remainder of his life. Breed experience or experience with special needs dogs preferred.

He is an excellent dog, super friendly loves people. He has lots of energy as most Frenchies do, he would do best in a home without large dogs, but dogs his size he gets along with well. He does wear male diapers as well. 

Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 3
M/F: Male
Adoption Fee: $200


Stay Tuned - Coming soon! 
Estimated Application dates are listed on each dogs Bio

Butterscotch - Adoption Applications open February 5th

Butterscotch is a very sweet girl! She is a retired puppy mill mama, and will need time to adjust to a new home. She is initially shy, and loud noises/new experiences may startle her. Once she's had time to settle in, she is an extremely LOVING girl! She does well with kids and other dogs as well. 

Breed: Beabull (beagle/bulldog mix)
Age: 4
M/F: Female
Adoption Fee: $200



Yoshi - available for adoption application on February 10th

Yoshi is an extremely smart, quick to learn, high energy pup. He plays well with others and everyone, and is very playful with other dogs. Yoshi is not a pup that would be a good fit for a first time dog owner, large breed experience preferred for his forever family. Knowing working breeds and how protective, and smart these dogs are is very important to look into before applying to add him to your family. He is FANTASTIC with kids too! 

Breed: Akita/Chow mix (?)
Age: 4 months
M/F: Male
Adoption Fee: $250


Sage - Adoption applications open February 11th

Sage is super new to our rescue and a little shy. We will give her time to adjust to her new environment and update you as we get to know more about her! 

Breed: Bernedoodle (Bernese/Poodle Mix)
Age: 2
M/F: Female
Adoption Fee: $200



Minnie - Adoption applications open February 17th

Minnie is a very sweet girl! She loves to snuggle, go for walks, and play with her family. She does get along with other dogs after some time to adjust and get to know them, however will need fed completely separate, as she is showing food agression with other animals when fed in the same space. Minnie loves to play with toys, and rides great in the car. Due to the food agression, Minnie will need adopted to a family that does not have small children under the age of 8.

If you know of someone looking for a velcro dog to be their sidekick, Minnie is your girl! 

Breed: Yorkie Mix
Age: 2
M/F: Female
Adoption Fee: $200


Great News - Adoption Pending
These dogs are waiting on their approved adopter to pick them up!

Thumper - Adoption Pending!

Thumper is a young little pup who came to us due to needing an evaluation for medical care in his hips. We had him seen by specialists and it was determined he did not need any surgery! (yay!) His adopters will need to continue to monitor him as he gets older for any changes in his joints. You can walk, run and play as young puppies do. He is doing great with crate training and house training and will need an adopter who will continue to work with him on these. Check back Mid January for updates on if he will be available for adoption.

Thumper is excellent with other dogs and kids as well! He would be a great addition to many families. 

Breed: English Bulldog
Age: 3.5 months
M/F: Male

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