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Remember that one time that you thought to yourself... "Hm. It'd sure be nice if Pawsitive Hearts Dog Rescue had a physical location where I could go to visit the dogs they have available and drop by when I have time to volunteer." Remember that? You're so smart! Thanks for the idea!! AND NOW WE DO!!!! It's going to be amazing!!! Amazing like piles of puppies and a bounty of bouncing balls. Yeah, we said it.


We are over the moon excited and cannot wait to tell you all about it. The space we acquired is in Zanesville, Ohio. This location opens up many new opportunities for us, and you! To start, we can now expand our adoption radius to the whole state of Ohio! Now that we have a central location to host meet-and-greets, potential adopters can schedule a time to meet our rescue dogs and come from anywhere in the state if they wish! This new location gives us a physical location for donation drop-offs as well. So if you're out and about in the Zanesville area and want to stop in to hand us a check, a bag of treats, or even schedule a time to come in to walk the dogs-- we now have a spot for all of this and more! And quite possibly the BEST part about the new location? We installed kennels to house some dogs onsite!! This increases how many animals we can take in at one time, and it is our hope that we will be able to save up to 25 more doggies' lives per year now!! We are so ecstatic. It has us wagging our tails ALL DAY LONG!


If you are as excited as we are, you should come out to the grand opening party!!! It's going to be a ton of fun. We will have a raffle, a costume party, music and treats! PLUS DOGS. Naturally!!! **** If you are available on Saturday, October 16th from 12pm to 4pm!

at 2895 Maysville Pike, Ste. A Zanesville, Ohio 43701 stop in and see us! ****

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