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How to Trim Black Dog Nails

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Have you ever experienced that nerve-wracking feeling of knowing where to cut and how much to trim off of your dog's nails? Chances are you probably have-- ESPECIALLY if they are black. Today we want to show you a great tip to help trim dog nails that are black and impossible to see through.

The "quick" is the internal part of the dog's nail that has soft tissue and holds the blood vessels. In the picture above you can see it in the nail on the left. It is the pinker, upper portion indicated by the blue arrow. But unfortunately, if you look at the black nail on the right, things aren't quite so "clear-cut." Haha, get it? 😜

OK, so here is the trick. And once you know it you will be able to trim even the darkest of nails with confidence!! First-- you always make SMALL cuts, go a little at a time. The first cut (as pictured above will look crusty/flaky and be white. This might continue for 1-2 more depending on your dog's nail size.

As you cut again, you will start to see a small black dot appear in the center of the nail. This is your first sign that you are getting near the quick. So move forward slowly.

Next, after you've trimmed a bit more, you will then see a fuller circle, of shiny black. You are VERY near the quick. Time to stop. *Cutting to this point will help elongated quicks inside of long nails to recede. This will help the nails shorten and get back to a normal length. And most importantly-- this avoids any unnecessary pain for your pup and stress for you! And that's it! Now you know! "Quick" and painless. (Yes, another pun.) 🐾🐾

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