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I love Ohio in the springtime

Updated: Feb 27

March is right around the corner and that means it is almost springtime! Spring brings less snow and longer days for more outside time for you and your furry friend. Spring can also bring with it allergies, the resurgence of parasites and a few rainy days.

Just like us, cats and dogs can have seasonal allergies. These are allergies that tend to flare up in the spring and fall. They can leave your pet itchy and sneezy. If you notice your pet scratching more than usual, sneezing or having irritated skin or paws, there are a litany of options to offer them relief. Over the counter Benadryl can help calm some of the sneezing and itchy that come with spring. You would want to get the non-flavored kind and make sure you are aware of your pet’s current weight. While Benadryl is typically handled by dogs well, we always advise you to speak with your vet before starting your pet on any medication.

Spring weather means that ticks, fleas, and some parasitic worms will be making an appearance again. This is a great time to make sure your pet is up to date on their heartworm prevention as well as flea and tick treatment. Not only do these treatments keep pesky bugs from snacking on your furry family member, but they also keep them from snacking on you as well!

Lastly, those rainy spring days may put a damper on walks or time spent on your catio, but that doesn't mean you and your pet still can’t have fun together. Spring is the perfect time to stock up on toys, puzzle games and treats. Time inside could lead to teaching your dog or cat a new trick. A treat puzzle or snuffle mat can lead to hours of inside enrichment for your pup. And there is hardly a better feeling than snuggling up with a good book, and a purring cat on a rainy Ohio day.

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