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It's almost Kitten Season

While spring and summer bring with them wonderful weather and longer days, they also signal the beginning of kitten season. Kitten season refers to the period from late April to early October when a majority of kittens are born. While cats can get pregnant anytime, this tends to the time when most kittens are born. While a kitten season may sound adorable, it has it cons as well.

Cats can get pregnant as early as 4 months old and their pregnancies usually last about 60 days. This means that just one cat can have several pregnancies a year! Most litters of kittens contain roughly 4-8 kittens. All these factors lead to an abundance of cats, but not necessarily an abundance of owners. Meaning that many cats may have trouble finding their forever home.

Rescues like ours, and adoption centers work to help cats and kittens alike find their forever homes. Adoption is a crucial part of helping control the pet population, but there are others steps you can take to help too. Make sure that any cat you have, female or male is spayed or neutered as soon as they are old enough and weigh enough. This is the easiest way to keep pregnancies from happening. Even if your cat is strictly an inside cat, there is always the chance they could slip out one day and you would not want them adding to the cat population.

Some cats are feral, meaning that they are not able and do not want to live with or around people. These cats still need to be sterilized and that is where TNR comes in. TNR stand for Trap, Neuter, Release. Programs like these allow for feral cat populations to be kept in check and they help curb the number of kittens born, especially in kitten season. There are hundreds of TNR groups across the country, and they are always looking for more involvement and volunteers from their community.

Cats are wonderful furry friends who add so much happiness (and cuteness) to our lives. Let’s help them control their population by spaying and neutering. And if you are looking to add a cat or kitten to your family, remember to check out our adoptable pets.

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