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Mugs for Mariah - A journey of health and recovery

Updated: Jan 7

Meet Mariah Hairy! She was found by our local police department, wandering the streets as a stray. Upon her initial exam, it was very clear that poor little Mariah had been in need of quite extensive veterinary care. Her sweet soft eyes just wanting nothing but love. Her dental is one of the worst cases we have ever seen, and one of her teeth is even cracked the whole way up into the gum. When she arrived into her foster home, it was quickly discovered that she was totally blind. She learned her way around rather quickly, but cannot see even the slightest shadows. She had a ruptured ulcer - as well as cherry eye, and infection in her eyes. She also had double ear infections. Excess skin just hangs off of her small, 10 lb body from over breeding. Can you imagine? Being completely blind. 10 lbs. and wandering the streets alone? The most concerning discovery - is several mammary masses all down her mammary line. Every nipple scarred, and masses down her entire stomach. These will need removed during surgery, and sent out for biopsy to check for cancer. We all await anxiously for the results. With COVID packing the veterinary offices, the earliest we could get her in for surgery is February. She is on a cancellation list if anything opens up sooner. Mariah has one of the sweetest personalities in a dog you will ever come across. She is gentle, and will sit at your feet and wait patiently wagging her tail for some belly rubs, and soft pets. She enjoys naps, and tossing toys all around the living room. She deserves this second chance for a new forever life. Mugs for Mariah is a fundraiser we are having to help support the cost of her surgery costs. Send her all of the good well wishes, and we will keep everyone updated as results come back from surgery.

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