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New Pawsitive Hearts Programs!!

Hello to all of you beautiful, furry-critter-loving friends! We have an exciting announcement to share: Pawsitive Hearts Dog Rescue has expanded its service to include two new programs that will give us the capacity to help even more rescue pups!


We are over the moon for the potential new reach this will grant some of our dogs. And so, without further introductions, we have launched:

Senior to Senior and More Miles for Love 🐾🐾🐾

  • Our Senior to Senior Program is geared toward matching senior dogs into the homes and loving arms of senior humans. Who could possibly understand wanting to revel & relax and just enjoy each day-- better than two gorgeous creatures who have already put in lots of fun-filled years? We think it is the perfect match. PLUS, (and here is a major bonus for some of us) these senior dogs are not only chilled out, but they are also well-behaved. Most are already house/crate/potty-trained and know commands. No stress and added work of training-- you just bring them home and go straight to loving them and letting them love you. WE KNOW! It's like being handed a slice of cake AND it is your favorite flavor!🥰🥰

  • Our More Miles for Love Program was created for the very rare occasion when one of our rescue dogs isn't getting the match that we need for them within our typical 1-hour radius. In these cases, we decided it is in the best interest of that pup for us to expand the adoption radius to the entire state. Every dog deserves the right family, and if we have to drive a few extra miles to find that perfect fit, we will. 💗💗 Our sweet girl Hallie is our first participant for this program. She is available for adoption! Please visit this link to view her profile and as always you can apply to bring her home by visiting our page:

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