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Oral Care Isn't Just for Humans

Updated: Mar 27

While no one can deny a kiss from your pet is the best, sometimes their breath is less than fresh. Just like us, pets can benefit from frequent teeth brushings and dental cleanings. Make sure that when your furry family member goes to see their vet, their teeth and oral health is also being looked at. Gum and tooth health, just like in people, can be an indicator of overall health. And just like in people, certain medical conditions and medications can affect your pet’s teeth.

In dogs, and especially cats, tartar can build up on the teeth causing gum disease or gingivitis. This can cause bad breath, gum irritation/erosion and tooth decay. If the gum disease becomes severe enough your pet may struggle to eat as it is painful. Finally, their teeth may start to fall out.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do to keep your pet from having to have dental extractions or going through the pain associated with gum disease, is daily brushings. Cats and dogs alike may not be a fan of this at first, but just like anything, establishing a routine will help. You can brush your pet’s teeth daily, just like your own. But at least 3 times a week is a great goal to start with. There are small brush heads that you can fit over your finger, or even small toothbrushes to fit any size mouth. Just make sure to use pet toothpaste. Never use human toothpaste! Xylitol is a common sweetener found in human toothpaste that is lethal to cats and dogs. You can find both toothbrushes, finger brushes and toothpaste at your local pet store or online retailer.

Your fluffy friend will thank you and their fresher breath will make those kisses even more enjoyable.

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