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Summer Safe Pet Foods

As summer approaches, we often find ourselves spending time outdoors with our human and furry friends. This could be hiking, camping or time spent by the pool. However you spend time outside in the summer, there is bound to be food. Summer brings with it so many favorite fruits, vegetables, and seasonal dishes. And since we love our pets so much, we usually want them to partake in our favorite dishes with us.

Many foods are safe for dogs, but there are some that we enjoy that can make our pets sick. Some summer favorite foods to avoid are grapes, avocado, garlic, and pitted fruits. Grapes are toxic to dogs and can be deadly to them. While we may love guacamole in the summer, avocados contain certain compounds called persin that can be deadly to dogs. It is best for them to stay away from avocados altogether. Garlic is a delicious seasoning, but it too can make dogs very sick if ingested. Some pitted fruits like peaches are actually okay for dogs to eat, it is the pits that we as pet owners should be weary of. Dogs may try to swallow them and choke.

Some dog safe alternatives are blueberries, watermelon, cucumbers, bananas, and mangoes. Freezing blueberries or watermelon is a delicious way to keep your pooch cool all summer long. Watermelon and cucumber are high in water, so they could help hydrate your pup in addition to being a delicious treat. Blueberries and mangoes are high in antioxidants, which could help with their overall health.

Remember that moderation is key. Too much of anything is never a good idea. And if you have questions about whether a food is safe for your dog or not, always ask their vet.

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