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Summer Travel Tips for You and Your Pet

Summertime is here! For many of us that means travel plans. If you plan on travelling with your pet this summer, here are some tips to help maximize their comfort and the overall enjoyability of the trip for everyone.

1. Get a first aid kit: This is good idea not just for your pet for the humans travelling as well.

2. Seatbelt: Just like us, dogs should have a seatbelt. This will help keep them from getting hurt should there be an accident.

3. Portable water: Dogs and cats both always need access to clean water. Investing in a portable water dish or water bottle is a great way to keep their water fresh and accessible to them even in a car environment.

4. Nausea and/or anxiety meds: Car rides may be anxiety inducing for some pets. Speak with your vet before the trip to see if any medication may help your pet.

5. Practice taking pet in car before trip: If your pet has not been in a car frequently, doing shorter trips leading up to the big trip may help acclimate them to the car.

6. Multiple, smaller feeds: Feeding your pet smaller portions, several times a day rather than large meals may help keep them from getting an upset stomach.

7. Medical records: Having a physical or digital copy of important medical records is a good idea. While we hope this isn’t needed, should your pet need to visit a vet in an emergency, having a copy of their records quickly available could be very helpful.

8. Plan a route that allows for dog friendly bathroom spots: Rest areas with larger, dog friendly spots can help maximize potty and break times.

9. Make sure your pet has identification on them: Having a collar with a name tag and/or a microchip is a great way of making sure your pet can find its way back home should it escape.

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