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We support "Open Admission" shelters and you should too!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Here's why!

At Pawsitive Hearts we love all animals equally. We want to save them all and work HARD to help and find homes for as many as we possibly can. But as you know, sometimes we reach our capacity and have to say no or redirect. It isn't a decision that is ever made lightly, but we operate on tight constraints like budget and available foster homes or volunteers-- so sometimes we have to make that tough choice. And we aren't the only ones left to make hard decisions when the resources are used up, despite an ever-growing population in need. Have you heard the term "kill shelter"? Did you know that those are actually called "open admission" shelters and while they operate with extremely limited funds they are NOT allowed to say no when they reach capacity? These shelters are contractually required by the counties they serve to take in ALL animals that arrive at their doors-- no matter age, health issues, or temperament. So, while NOBODY wants to think about this tough topic, and NOBODY wants to make the tough call, what do you do when your facility is overfilled and the budget is maxed out, yet more and more animals arrive?? The short answer is euthanize. 😥 (The long answer usually involves animals being abandoned because they are turned away from "No kill" shelters ALSO at capacity... and then left to fend for themselves, struggling and/or starving on the street). So right now you may be re-reading the title of this article or asking yourself did I read that correctly?! And yes, you did. Now before we start receiving hate-mail or you unfollow us on social media... please keep reading, because scornful comments regarding these shelters often come from a place of misguidance. And honestly, speaking ill against the facility and practice is actually only increasing the problem… so again, please hear us out. These facilities NEED OUR HELP. They do not want to euthanize animals EVER if they can help it. In fact many shelter workers cannot stay at the job for long because it is too emotionally overwhelming for them. And trust us, harsh and hateful words that *mean well* but are not aimed correctly, will never help someone who is already hurting. If we as humans do not act responsibly-- spaying/neutering animals, participating in trap/neuter/release campaigns, fighting for animal rights regarding boycotting pet shops and puppy mills/hoarders, etc. AND asking others to do the same, often! --what other choice will any rescue facility have? Having said that, we know you want to help-- because you are here reading this, so here's what you can do: Go to your local shelters that have a "kill" policy and ask how you can be of service!! Foster animals from there ADOPT animals from there Volunteer there Fundraise for them (because often it is in their contract that they are not allowed) Donate needed items and/or money Sponsor animals And most importantly-- tell everyone you know to do the same. ♥

This is the only way to increase awareness, increase resources and decrease the number of euthanizations. Remember:

“It may be easier to point a finger, but it is more effective to lend a hand.” - Hannah Shaw, kitten rescuer, humane educator, and author


And so, next time you hear someone say, "I would never adopt from a kill shelter." Go ahead and spill the tea you just learned!! Make sure that they fully understand the situation as you do now. Make sure they understand WHY shelters are forced to make the tough calls when animal owners do not make the easy ones that would eliminate the overpopulation problem all together. Help us to educate and empower others to make their best, unbiased, fully-informed adoption choice!! 🐾🐾 Thanks for your time, fam. We love you.

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