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Why do rescues require an adoption fee?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered why rescue organizations require an adoption fee? Or maybe why it costs what it does? Chances are that if you are on this page, you have asked yourself these questions, and we want to take a few minutes to let you know exactly what that adoption fee enables rescue agencies to do and how important your contribution is! The short answer: An adoption fee saves the next animal(s) in need! But it also helps recuperate money spent caring for the animal that you will soon know and love. The longer answer is that the fees serve many purposes, everything from a sparkly new collar to a life-saving procedure. To start, rescues are donated based. That means we do not receive funding from the government. Rescues like Pawsitive Hearts depend on the generosity of its donors and the funds provided through adoption fees to take care of our dogs. Animals found in poor conditions, left abandoned or with nowhere to go, facing euthanasia… can be brought to safety, given much needed medical attention, and cared for while they wait for a new home! Essentially the adoption fee fuels the passionate fire that is animal rescue. We can’t do it without you. But, just in case that alone isn’t enough ;) here is an example rundown of what fees for one animal typically costs: Office visit and exam: $50-$90

Spaying and neutering: $130- $285

Vaccines: $20-$30 x 2 or x 3

Rabies vaccine: $15- $25

Heartworm test: $30-$45

Flea & Tick treatment: $20-$45

Microchip: $45-$55

Deworming: $20-$50

As you can see, that total cost is between $425-$880 -and this is for the generally healthy dogs. Most dogs in our rescue can accumulate significantly larger medical bills. Plus, there are other expenses to consider such as food, toys, beds, treats, board and train sessions when needed, behavior evaluations, medical testing, the list goes on…. We know that sometimes it can be tempting to go with the “free pet” ad. But that “free” pet usually comes with no medical care, training, or supplies, so while you initially save upfront, the costs of vaccines, testing, spay and neuter, etc. all adds up quickly. Truth be told, adoption fees can SAVE YOU MONEY! It is also important to note that if you were to pay a similar fee for an animal through a breeder or pet store, it isn’t the same as helping a pet in need. Additionally, you'd be paying for the intentional breeding process that has led to an overpopulation of pets. Adopting animals through organizations like Pawsitive Hearts (and paying that adoption fee) is guaranteeing the safety and well-being for animals in need, while being ethically conscious! It is a win-win. Thanks for reading! We hope that this post was informative as well as helpful and provides you peace of mind when considering adoption fees in the future. P.s. Many rescues and shelters sometimes have reduced adoption fees or hold special events for adult or senior pets at lower costs. To be informed of updates like this~ we recommend you follow on facebook :: You can check out our page Here!

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