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Why fostering is a great idea

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Fostering animals is one of the most amazing things you can do. It is a courageous, selfless act that gives hope and comfort to those in need and provides a chance at a better life to those who otherwise would go without. We think fostering is a great idea and here is a list of our top 10 reasons why: 1. Fostering saves lives. We’ve said it before, we will say it again. Becoming a foster enables you to save an animal from dangerous conditions, illness, death/euthanization. It will also save another animal who is waiting to be rescued. Which brings us to the next reason. 2. Fostering frees up space in shelters. Shelters have LIMITED space and resources. They simply cannot meet the needed demand, unfortunately. When you choose to foster an animal in your home, you open a space at the shelter and free up resources for the next in line. And trust us…. The line is long. 3. Fostering feels good!

I know we said it is a selfless act, and we stand by that… but truth be told, we love what we do and at the end of the day, we feel good! We laugh and happy-cry. We create memories and opportunities. We share love AND receive it daily. 4. Fostering makes adoption easier! When these sweet creatures get into an environment that allows them to be comfortable and happy versus scared or sick, their personalities reveal and they flourish. We get to know their true selves and then it can be shared! Tender snuggles caught on camera, videos of newly learned “tricks” and behavior growth, even posts about their preferences with foods or surroundings--- all of these moments otherwise hidden by circumstance--- can be shared with potential adopters and make all the difference. 5. Fostering doesn’t require many resources from you.

  • It doesn’t take an enormous amount of your time. You can still have your job and be a foster. There are ways to keep that pup occupied and happy until you get home. Also, sometimes we only need fosters for a few days/ a weekend. Plus, we are able to organize transportation to vet visits and walks, if needed!

  • Fostering won’t take any of your money. The cost of food, medications and supplies are covered by Pawsitive Hearts.

  • P.s. You don’t have to own your home or be a perfect housekeeper either-- our pets just need a safe, loving space to get acclimated until we find them their furever home.

6. Fostering is a customizable experience. You are in control with how often you take in a new foster, as well as how many dogs you feel able to look after at one time. We want to help all animals that we can, but we will only do placements that make sense for you and the animal. For example, if you have young kids at home, other dogs/ cats, you can absolutely make that known and only be matched with fosters that will do well in that environment. BONUS: if you do have pets/kids at home, this is a GREAT way to enrich their playtime! 7. Fostering is temporary/flexible. Chances are that you will fall in love and foster again and again, but if for whatever reason things don’t work out-- you aren’t obligated. Relatedly, it’s important to say that YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE SUPPORT if you find yourself in a difficult transition. You’re not alone. Our organization and members are here to help you with any challenge. We want you and our foster animals to succeed! We will do everything we can to make that possible. PAWSible? ;) 8. Fostering gives you a community. Maybe even a new way of life. You will likely meet other foster parents and through those connections perhaps interact with other foster agencies. You may even inspire personal family and friends to join you! Often we connect and bond through our experiences. Fostering animals can give you access to a devoted, uplifting community of people who have much love in their hearts. 9. Fostering is one of the only places where “failure” is highly accepted and celebrated.

It happens. That temporary house guest moves right into your heart, and you know they aren’t leaving. #Fosterfails are happy *tails* too. Which brings us to our final top reason as to why we think fostering is a great idea... 10. YOU GET A NEW FRIEND!!!

A beautiful, fluffy, cuddly friend with big eyes and a wet nose...Hand-delivered to your doorstep. I mean, hello?! Best thing ever. Where do you sign up for this incredible experience?! We’re so glad you asked.

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