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Why spay and neuter?

One question we often get here at Pawsitive Hearts is why we require all pets to be spayed/neutered before adoption. There are many reasons for this, so let’s discuss some of the most important ones.

Firstly, making sure that all your pets are spayed and neutered guarantees that no accidental puppies or kittens will be born. As a rescue, we are all too familiar with the overpopulation of pets and want to do our fair share to control the pet population. Also, caring for one pet is a monetary commitment, imagine how big of a commitment a whole litter is!

For female dogs, not getting spayed can lead to pyometra, a painful, life-threatening condition. Pyometra occurs when the uterus becomes infected and begins to fill with pus. In some instances, the uterus may rupture which could lead to sepsis, or death. While pyometra is more common in older dogs, it can happen in dogs as young as 1 or 2 as well. The only prevention is through spaying. Spaying also means that your dog will be at a decreased risk for many cancers including mammary.

For male dogs, neutering means that they are at a lower risk for prostate and testicular cancer. It curbs mounting and territorial behaviors. It can also keep your male dog from running away. Who doesn’t want to make sure their furry friend doesn’t have the urge to run away from home?

For both sexes, spaying and neutering allows for pets to live longer, healthier lives. It allows for them to have better social interactions with their peers and curbs a lot of the behaviors we want to avoid. Let us know what other questions you may have about the spay/neuter process and its benefits.

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