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Why You Should Volunteer

Our organization, like many rescues, relies heavily on volunteers. Volunteering is not only a great way to support the organizations you love and give back to your community, but it can also have great benefits for you as well.

Volunteering can help you gain confidence by broadening your horizons. Volunteering can be challenging. By taking on a new challenge with a team, you can end up learning new things about yourself and what you are capable of. You may end up learning a new skill or realizing a new passion. It allows you to interact with people who are of a like mind to you. Volunteering has been shown to help with symptoms of social anxiety. By adding more people to your personal support system, you are better set up to fight off symptoms of stress or depression. You just might end up making a new friend along the way.

Volunteering allows you to see the impact you can have on the world in real time. Studies have shown that volunteering and being of service can drastically improve a person’s overall self-esteem and mental health. If any of this sounds like something you would like to add to your life, we are always looking for volunteers! Check out our website for all our volunteering opportunities.

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