Transport Volunteers

We are in critical need of transport volunteers to drive around the Ohio area for dogs in need. Some trips may be short like a trip to the vet, others may be a few hours of transport to help dogs out of some tough situations make it into a foster home. This is a great way to help support our rescue if you love dogs, but cannot foster or adopt! Must be 18 years of age or older and have proof of insurance.

Volunteer Event Photographer/Videographer

We are looking for someone who is available to help us capture some of the highlights of what we do, and our events

Fundraiser Committee Volunteer

Are you a people person that loves to get out into your city? Networking? Do you have creative ideas to share for fundraising initiatives for the year? We also have a large end of year fundraiser that is all hands on deck, if you have a craving for party planning, Sign up today!

Peeping Pug

Website/Social Media Design

Are you super techy or social media savvy and ready to take on running one of our social media accounts? We utilize Facebook heavily and are also utilizing Instagram as well. If you are less on the social media side but are interested in rolling out updates to the look of our website, new features, launching events and updating our adoptable dogs post, Sign up today! These roles are for independently driven and we love anyone with new ideas to bring to our current programs as well! 



We are looking for awesome volunteers to help us do what we do best, rescue dogs! Want to spend some time with our four leg fur friends? Fill out your info below and our volunteer coordinator will contact you within the next few days.

If for any reason you don't hear from us, drop us an email at:

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